Local EcoDriver Programs

EcoDriver delivery agents offer presentations, information displays and booths in several Ontario communities.

Collingwood: Environment Network
Durham Region: Durham Sustain Ability
Hamilton and Halton: Green Venture
Peel: Community Environment Alliance
Thunder Bay: Eco Superior
Toronto: Toronto Green Community
York Region: Windfall Ecology Centre
North Bay: Greening Nipissing

Driving Less

Leaving the car at home is a fool-proof way to use less gas and reduce greenhouse gases emissions. It saves money, and in many cases makes for healthier, happier trips. Recent studies on happiness have found that the longer a person's car commute, the lower their life satisfaction, which may be a good reason to consider these options:

Many communities have begun making their streets friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists, with better sidewalks and crossings, pedestrian shopping zones, special lanes and secure, covered bike parking.

In some cities entire neighbourhoods are now designed as "complete communities" so that major destinations are within short distances. Some communities encourage carpooling by providing preferential parking and high occupancy vehicle lanes.

Check out these resources to find out more: